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Ragnarok Offline Newbie Pack 2020

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Current Version: 19 April 2020
Hercules Hash: 


Download Links (~4GB):

  • ต้องเป็นสมาชิกถึงจะเห็นสิ่งนี้
  • or 
  • or 


Important: Please make someone mirror for these files. Or make a donation to me and I will make mirror by myself.


สำหรับ Server rAthena Download Links for (rAthena 20200420)



เลื่อก อันใดอันนึง 



  • 01_emulator = here emulators (pre-compiled and pre-configured) for RENEWAL or classic PRERE mechanics
  • 02_client_side = here is your client-side what need to copy-paste to your clean kRO client
  • 03_openserver = here is Open Server (mysql server where stored your game database and which required by the emulator)
  • 04_useful_tools = here are different useful tools what you usually will need when will work with the emulator or databases
  • 05_misc_repos = here are repositories from which it has built the client-side, and exe patched.
  • 06_cmder = this is tool will be good for you to update emulator to latest version (and other files in misc_repos)
  • 07_clean_kRO_client = this is clean kRO client (2018 somewhere in march updated), need for you to run your own RO copy.


วิธีใช้ จะอยู่ข้าง บนลิ้งใน Youtube นะครับ 


ทำหรับท่านใด ใช้ไม่เปนหรือ ยังไง Inbox หรือ แอดไลน์ มาสอบถามผมได้ 

ID : Devservice

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